At our pharmacy, we understand what a lot of patients have to suffer after an organ transplant or after donating an organ to another patient. The role of medication therapy in both their recovery paths cannot be emphasized enough.

At Park Avenue Pharmacy, we provide the valuable information and guidance to manage the donor and the receiver’s health conditions. Some medications that are used in their recovery will require periodic monitoring by a pharmacist to promote the successful therapy adherence.

Most medication regimens could be complex given that the therapy involves coordination between pharmacist and physician, multiple medications to monitor, and the use of DME / specialty supplies.

Along with this, healthcare supplies and drugs specific to transplant donors and receivers will likely cost more than commercially available pharmaceutical products. To ease the financial burden on the patient, we will always be available to obtain the required prior authorization from insurance providers and/or payor sources and will also recommend the patient to non-profit organizations or the manufacturer for financial help.

We invite you or your loved one to get in touch with us and have the peace of mind that you can always access professional services from us. Give us a call at Park Avenue Pharmacy so we can assist you with Medication Adherence after your organ transplant surgery.