IVIG Therapy

Using speciality IVIG medications necessitate the supervision and guidance of a pharmacist to ensure proper administration. Before we go into more detail, we must understand what IVIG is.

IVIG or Intravenous immunoglobulin is a therapy path used to treat patients with impaired antibody function. The point of the medication is to boost the patient’s immune system until significant health improvements become evident. The treatment can be quite extensive and may be prescribed by the physician every 3 or 4 weeks.

Even with the complexity of the medication, patients can still count on our pharmacy for knowledge, assistance and education to help reduce adverse effects of illness.

Taking speciality medications is sometimes difficult for the patient to comply with on his or her own. The medication therapy management comprises of periodic medication therapy reviews, medical supplies, and coordination between pharmacist and physician.

Furthermore, drugs and medical supplies to treat primary immunodeficiency diseases are expensive. Not to worry, Park Avenue Pharmacy will always be available to assist by coordinating with insurance companies for Prior Authorizations and will also endorse patients to the manufacturer for possible financial help.

You can reach our friendly staff at 201-552-9500 for more information and request for assistance with Medication Therapy Compliance with IVIG. We invite you or your loved one to contact us and rest assured that you will receive convenient and personalized assistance.