Limited Distribution Drugs

Specialty medications for health issues like cancer, HIV and other chronic illnesses entail the critical dedicated supervision by a pharmacist. Most of the medications aren’t even distributed commercially thus prompting the need for our assistance at Park Avenue Pharmacy.

Your doctor may have prescribed you for treatment that involves Limited Distribution Drugs. Such products are hard to find and often need to be compounded.

In addition to this, most medication regimens could be complex since the MTM (medication therapy management) covers periodic medication therapy reviews, continuing dosage level reviews, and medical supplies.

These limited distribution drugs can also be pricey. For low-income patients, our pharmacists are more than willing to directly get in touch with insurance providers and the manufacturer to give you less costly rates and help you continue with your treatment.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a critical illness, have the assurance that you will receive professional assistance from our team at Park Avenue Pharmacy.

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