At our pharmacy, we understand the common emotional and physical challenges that patients have to cope with when diagnosed with infertility. In our field of practice as a specialty pharmacy, we are committed to providing useful resources to manage these health issues and hopefully provide helpful solutions that will improve the chances of conception for female patients and/or increase sperm count for male patients.

Specialty medications used to treat infertility need expert guidance of pharmacists at Park Avenue Pharmacy to ensure correct administration. Schedules of intake and the mode of medication administration might be complicated as the medication therapy management comprises of continuing dosage level reviews, multiple medications to monitor, and coordination between pharmacist and physician.

What’s more, healthcare supplies and medicines for infertility can be expensive. Not to worry, Park Avenue Pharmacy will always be available to assist by coordinating with payor sources for Prior Authorizations or acquire possible financial assistance directly from the manufacturer.

Feel free to reach out to Park Avenue Pharmacy and count on the personalized services from our pharmacy staff. You can reach us at 201-552-9500 and ask for help.