There is a lot expected from the patient who is going through complex medication therapy plans. However, the level of compliance adherence of your unique consumer group remains low because of these common reasons:

  • Multiple prescription medications
  • Cyclic prescription refills at different intervals
  • Costly Medications for Chronic Illness
  • Lack of informational resources and education to emphasize the importance of the patient’s adherence

We already know that adhering to your medication regimen is difficult so we don’t lecture you – we give you solutions instead. Park Avenue Pharmacy offers services that will improve patient adherence to medication therapies by way of:

  • Special Packaging (Dispill or Customized Pillow Packs)
  • Regular Assessments from your Pharmacist
  • Availability of Pharmacists for Drug Interaction Reviews and Consultations
  • Educational Resources and Guidance from a Licensed Pharmacist who will monitor your adherence to the therapy

Not sure if you’re taking your meds properly? Or at the right time? Ask our pharmacist for help! Call Park Avenue Pharmacy at 201-552-9500.