Park Avenue Pharmacy understands the painful symptoms patients have to deal with when diagnosed with Cancer and other similar conditions related to Oncology. Because of their difficult health situations, we want our pharmacy to be the patient’s primary source for counselling and guidance. We help them manage the debilitating effects of the illness.

Specialty medication used to treat Cancer essentially involves particular instructions or directions from the pharmacist to ensure proper intake or administration by the patient or the caregiver. The manner of medication intake and the schedule of intake can be often difficult to comply with. The multi-faceted therapy involves coordination between pharmacist and physician, intermittent pharmacist consultations, and the use of specialty medical supplies.

Along with this, these healthcare supplies and drugs specific to Cancer Treatment or Home Chemotherapy will likely cost more than commercially sold pharmaceutical products. Knowing this, we will always be available to obtain the required prior authorization from insurance providers and/or payor sources. There are also cases where we recommend the patient to non-profit organizations or the manufacturer for financial help.

We are calling out to patients who have been diagnosed with Cancer to contact us and have the assurance that you will receive friendly assistance from our team. Get in touch with our pharmacist at 201-552-9500 for more information and ask for assistance with Physician Coordination and recurring prescription refills.