Park Avenue Pharmacy understands the physically painful symptoms and emotional stress patients have to deal with upon being diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. We are committed to giving our patients full support by offering counseling and guidance that help them manage the debilitating effects of the illness.

Specialty medications for HIV and other immunodeficiency health issues entail the critical and dedicated supervision by a pharmacist to ascertain proper use and/or intake. Most medication regimens could be complex since the MTM (medication therapy management) covers special medical supplies, periodic medication therapy reviews, and intermittent pharmacist consultations.

In line with this, medical supplies and medicines belonging to this speciality medication category will be costly. Fortunately, patients can count on Park Avenue Pharmacy to facilitate the necessary Prior Authorizations from payor sources and help in accessing community-based support to reduce the costs whenever possible.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with AIDS or HIV, have the assurance that you will receive professional assistance from our team. Give us a call at 201-552-9500 or to ask for help with Physician Coordination and recurring prescription refills.